Tae Kwon Do Testing of 2023

Main Events


We no longer require masks in the building, but still offer, and encourage use of,

hand sanitizer, also offered at the end of classes.

Testing will still occur during the second half of classes during regular

testing days.


Upcoming Events:

Belt Testing 09/20-21/2023

BB Testing 10/14/2023

Belt Testing 10/18-19/2023

BB Celebration 10/21/2023







Students must wear their full uniform (including patches) for their belt test.

Taekwondo Seoul has started in March of 1999 at the corner of P’tree Industrial Blvd and Suwanee Dam Road in Suwanee.


In 2003, Taekwondo Seoul opened the 2nd location in Sugar Hill.

In 2007, Taekwondo Seoul bought a property in Suwanee at the address 4009 McGinnis Ferry Rd. and merged two studios.


Community Services: Taekwondo Classes at Special Needs Education Department of the Collins Hill High School since 2000; Duluth High School since 2004; and New Directions (Special Needs Education Private Institute) since 2016.


Taekwondo Demonstration Team: The Demonstration Team was established since 2002 and it has performed at a various institutions in needs such as hospitals and nursing homes in the name of Spirit of Taekwondo, a non-profit Organization. In 2016, the team became the national champion at the American Taekwondo United National Championships.


Taekwondo Missions: Students of Taekwondo Seoul organize a mission team to go to the countries in needs to share the benefits and values of Taekwondo with people abroad. In the summer break of 2016, the Cross Team went to Honduras and spread the spirit of Taekwondo as well as the Gospel to transform the unfortunate country. Now, Mission Taekwondo International, non-profit organization, plans various missions to help people in needs.


The training of Taekwondo is not only to build up yourself, but also others in needs. We are all team!