Our Facility:

  • 3 Room Training System: Taekwondo Seoul has three rooms for their own purposes – Warm-up Rock Climb Room, Basic Motion Room, and Curriculum Room. At Warm-up Rock Climb Room we do stretching & warm-up training including a rock climb to strengthen arms and legs and to be ready for Taekwondo kicks and punches for around 20 minutes; at the second room of Basic Motion, we chant together with basic Taekwondo moves and steps to build up a spirit of Teamwork for around 10 minutes; and at the third room of Curriculum Room we do practice all requirements of each belt rank to prepare for the next promotion test that would happen every 2-3 months based on an individual progress.

  • Teamwork Priority Program: Taekwondo Seoul has developed the values of Teamwork to make our students contribute on this society. All Taekwondo Seoul programs such as Basic Motion, Dokdo Steps, and Step Kicking focus on the social values rather than individual values. We want our students to contribute on our society by the values of Teamwork!